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Remote Consulting Day for High Performing Technology Organisations (free for corona technology)

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Remote Consulting Day for High Performing Technology Organisations (free for corona technology)

Toni Menzel
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100%-CORONA-STARTUP-DISCOUNT: If you are a startup or tech team tackling short-term corona you will get a 100 % Discount for this consulting gig ultimately getting my work for free. 

DM me on Twitter (tonit) if you'd like to apply and i will give you a discount code.

Examples for projects that are eligible (given that time allows, i am only one guy;):

- actual software (deep learning, machine learning e.g.) that participates in creating a vaccine or remedy 

- software that helps connect people needing help with actual help

- logistics that help people in lockdown access supplies like food

- probably many other things. Just contact me. Keep in mind I cannot promise availability but i will try.

Hey Project Leads, CTOs and PMOs!

This is Toni, an experienced software architect with about 18-years background on the Java Platform. I am located in Hannover, Germany & I am available as a very flexible technically skilled architect, tester, coach, advisor and developer.

What can we do:

- developer experience workshops

- pair programming

- guided code reviews

The best thing: this is all available short term, no-upfront payment, all remote.

Languages for communication: German (native), English (fluent)

Whats my stack you ask?

Well, lets name a few things I can do so you get an idea of my hood:

- I can help you make first steps in Google Cloud, AWS and Azure running Kubernetes.

- I can help you set up a so called software delivery pipeline. Read the Book "Accelerate"? Yes thats what we do: measurable, effective automation. Toolchain like JenkinsX, Gradle, Maven,Git, Github Actions.. its all covered.

- I can help you automating your testing. Let's create or convert using the JUnit 5 Testing Platform.

- And as a long term OSGi veteran, I am more than interested in discussing, helping and migrating your OSGi matters. Currently special interest (from my side) on Apache Karaf.

How I work

My mantra is: Show, don't tell. Thats why you'll rarely see powerpoint slides from me. Rather we will work on live demos, proof of concepts, actual experience. I can deliver working examples, live screenshare demos and recorded material.

This offer is tailored towards REMOTE work. We will make the experience best for everyone. I have helped clients in off- and on-site situations. Turns out: the best results came out of remote engagements since I see it as a school of communication: If you've never worked with a 100% remote engineering team, now is the best time to start with it. ;)

What you will get after paying

Consider this offer an onboarding fee with an included day (max 8 hours) of my attention.

Usually we start with a shorter (up to 30min) intro call which does not count into the 4-hour time frame. (that means this is free).

You will get the priority option to plan a longer term consulting plan which can include other experts in my consulting network, on-site work and a whole lot more.

See you online?

You can get more infos at and

All the best,


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Let's work together safe and remotely, prepare for the economies of speed!

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